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Wongawilli Denmark / Finland Tour 2006

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The Wongawilli band, following a successful tour to Denmark and Sweden in June 2005, returned to Europe in July 2006.

The band was invited to return to the Skagen Festival at the top of Denmark. Since that invitation the band was also booked for the Kuopio International Wine Festival in Finland and the amazing Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland as well. The band also played in Helsinki at the Tomtebo Folklore Centre.

The band would like to acknowledge the assistance of Austrade and the Australian Government for support in exporting Australian Folk Music.

This was be the band's 5th overseas tour since 2004 with 3 visits to China (Beijing, Nanning and Shenzen) and 2 tours to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany.


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Click here to read the Trad&Now Australian folk magazine article, Issue 11, March to May 2005

Click here to read an article on the Australian Art in Denmark Website from the 2005 tour - in Danish

The tour:

29 June to 2 July - Skagen Festival, Denmark - Thursday 5.30pm (17:30) Torvescenen Stage; Friday 4.20pm (16:20) Havnescenen Stage; Saturday 1pm (13:00) Ceilidh at Kultur and Fritidscenter; Sunday Sea Shanty Concert from 1pm (13:00) Havnescenen Stage

3 July to 8 July - Kuopio International Wine Festival featuring Australian wines! Performing each evening with other Australian acts including Jigzag and Junior.

9 July to 12 July  - Kaustinen Folk Music Festival - Sunday 11pm (23:00), Cafe Mondo; Monday 4.30pm (16:30) Arena Concert; Wednesday 11pm (23:00), Cafe Mondo and lots of sessions!

Thursday 13 July - Tomtebo Folklore Centre, Helsinki, 6pm (18:00) for a concert dance.


From the 2006 Skagen Festival programme book
(Denmark's oldest festival)




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The touring musicians:

Graeme Murray - main vocals, the lagerphone, bass drum, whistle

Jane Brownlee - violin, backing vocals

Tania De Santi - vamping piano in the old style

Samuel De Santi - 9 year old bodhran percussion whiz, fiddle as well

David De Santi - piano accordion, backing vocals

Set-Up Sheet:

Click here for a sound and stage setup sheet for the band.

Further details from:

David De Santi,

tel: +61 409 57 1788

About the Wongawilli Band:

The Wongawilli Band now in its 19th year will be returning to Europe following a successful tour in 2005. The band also featured at the 2005 Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival in China and the Shenzen International Cultural Fair in China in May 2006.

Wongawilli is considered as one of Australia's premiere traditional music bands. The band performs traditional style Australian bush songs and tunes - reels, jigs, polkas, schottisches, mazurkas and waltzes. The band takes great pride in presenting authentic songs and tunes from the bush of Australia along with songs pertinent to Australia's current multicultural population.

The band is very lively with a combination of lead instruments - accordion and fiddle - and a strong rhythm section of vamping piano, bodhran, percussion and the traditional Australian percussion instrument - the lagerphone.

"They present their entertaining and distinctive interpretations of traditional and tradition-influenced Australian folk songs and tunes. As professional folklorists that they are, they also present a wide variety of educational Australian traditional music and dance workshops." Jamie McKew, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia

"this ensemble is highly regarded in the field of interpreting authentic Australian traditional music, song and dance as a performance art. The group is recognised in Australia as a leading force in the revitalisation of our folk traditions ... " Warren Fahey, leading Australian folklorist, collector

"Wongawilli is the pre-eminent group performing Australian folk music in this country. The music they play is uniquely Australian, but without any of the clichés usually associated with Australian folk music. In the years they have been performing, they have built an unequalled reputation for fine musicianship and entertainment, backed up by extensive research into the traditional origins of the music and the people who played it in the past. " Graham McDonald, National Folk Festival

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